Thursday, May 20, 2004 | 02:25 a.m. | Feeling: rebirth.


My username is rem_chan. Please find me/add me to your friends' page.

I'm in the process of hunting down all those friends/acquaintances who had switched to livejournals months--and years ago. BTW, it was Paul who finally persuaded me to give LJ a try.

May 9, 04 | 11:32 a.m. | Feeling: Gomen nasai.

I am closing the blog due to personal reasons. Gomen ne.


Alias: Rem (ID: Penny)
ASL: 21 (08/03/82), F, Toronto
Religion: Pending?
Wallpapers: Menagerie
Uni: UToronto
Specialist: English Lit
Plans: Grad school, C16th Studies
Heroes: Parents, Austen, Lewis
E-mail: clicky
g-book: sign

More wallpapers...

Matching wallpaper. Some of us at Shoujo Station embarked on a Fantasy book marathon. I chose to showcase Jovah's Angel by Sharon Shinn. In this installment of her series, Shinn complicates by exploring the question: what if God is a machine? Synopsis: More suited for scholarship than leadership, Alleluia reluctantly assumes the office and burdens of the Archangel of Samaria. Amazon URL.

Layout based on art by John Jude Palencar, edited with PSP 7.


Jovah's Angel ~ Sharon Shinn (me)
A Clockwork ... ~ Anthony Burgess
A Song of Ice ... ~ George R. Martin
Harry Potter ~ J. R. Rowlings
Homeland ~ R. A. Salvatore
Honor Harrington ~ David Weber
Merlin ~ Stephen R. Lawhead
Otherland ~ Tad Williams
Polgara the ... ~ David Eddings
Princess Bride ~ William Goldman
Redwall ~ Brian Jacques
The Last Unicorn ~ Peter S. Beagle
The Ring ~ Koji Suzuki
Trickster's Choice ~ Tamora Pierce


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Current Anime: Gilgamesh, Peace Maker Kurogane, GTO, BOTI, Kaori Yuki
Adores: Vash, Yuzuriha, Barbiel
Pets: 2 cockatiels & 1 budgie (RIP)
Chew: Cereal
Peeve: anything "popular" and unmarked spoilers (grrr)
Fav. Authors: Austen, Sherwood Smith, Shakes, Sharon Shinn
Current Read: Lynn Flewelling's Hidden Warrior Hated Mandatory Reading: Faerie Queene Bk III
Listening to: Schubert "Quintet," Sarah McLachlan's "Fallen"
Watching: Star Trek
I write: awful fanfiction
Wish List: Laptop, portable MP3 player, Pretear, RK 45+, X-Japan "Ballad Collection", a snake, $$, see Britain, and world peace.


The last layout featured a blast from the past: Escaflowne's Migel. Another Yuzuriha layout; fun with extraction & brushes Sozou Sagara, a minor, awesome character from RK Yuzu-chan and old Fuuma The Duchess fanart A diabolical rocker aka. Lucifer-sama Allen Schezar, mmmmm. Nuriko Trigun Sora: my very first layout


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Here I am, reading 'literature'--not!

My 2 adorable cockatiels.

I took this picture of our rosebush.

The 'tiels again.

My Mom is wonderful at raising flowers and birds. Children, hmm, not so much ^___^

Here's my room, seen at one angle. Each shelf contains books from a specific literary period.

Another shot of my room, seen from the other side.